2020 Consumer Trend Insights

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영어로 읽는 〈트렌드코리아 2020〉

글로벌 시대, 대한민국의 소비트렌드가 세계를 선도하면서 해외의 관심이 점차 높아지고 있다. 세계 최고의 통신 인프라를 기반으로 한 온라인 커머스의 발달과 전 세계를 뜨겁게 달군 K-팝과 영화, 게임 등 문화 수출까지, 대한민국은 전 세계 소비의 ‘테스트 베드’ 역할을 하기에 손색이 없다. 수 년 전부터, 다국적 기업의 외국 임원들과 국내 주재 특파원 그리고 해외 투자자들로부터 영문판 발행 권유를 꾸준히 받아왔고, 2020년 드디어 결실을 맺게 되었다. 영문판은 한글판을 최대한 충실히 옮기되 단어 대 단어의 직역을 피하고 글로벌 시장에서 일하는 기획자와 마케터, 디자이너, 사업가들이 보다 쉽게 이해하고 받아들일 수 있도록 조정 작업을 거쳤다. 글로벌 시장의 ‘테스트 베드’ 역할을 하는 한국 시장과 한국 소비자에 대한 이해는 글로벌 시장에 대한 이해에도 도움을 줄 것이다.


008 Preface

013Ten Trend Keywords

025Me and Myselves : Multi-persona

049Immediate Satisfaction : Last Fit Economy

069Goodness and Fairness : Fair Player

091Here and Now : the ‘Streaming Life’

113Technology for Hyper-personalization

137You’re with Us, ‘Fansumer’

159Make or Break, Specialize or Die

177Iridescent Opal : the New 5060 Generation

199Convenium : Convenience as a Premium

221Elevate Yourself : Birth of Self-upgraders



Rando Kim (김난도) 

Rando Kim is a professor in the Dept. of Consumer Science(DCS), Seoul National University(SNU) and the head of Consumer Trend Center(CTC), SNU. As a specialist in consumer behavior and market trend analysis, he has written more than 20 books including Trend Korea series, Trend China, What Consumers Want , and Luxury Korea. He also wrote essay books, Amor Fati , Future and My Job, and Youth, It’s Painful which is sold three million copies in 14 countries. He has conducted research projects about consumer needs finding, new product planning, and market trend probing for Korea’s major companies like Samsung, LG, SK, CJ, Hyundai Motors, Amore Pacific, Lotte, Fursys, Nongshim, and Coway. 

June Young Lee (이준영) 

June Young Lee currently works as an associate professor in Sang-Myung University. He received a doctor’s degree in DCS, SNU. He received ‘The Best Paper Award’ in The Journal of Consumer Studies. He worked as a senior researcher in Life Soft Research lab of LG Electronics. He is a laboratory chief of Consumer Research Center in Sang-Myung University. 

Miyoung Jeon (전미영) 

She currently works as a research fellow in the CTC, SNU. She worked as a research analyst at the Samsung Economic Research Institute. She obtained BA, MA, and PhD degrees in DCS, SNU. She wrote Ph.D. dissertation and subsequent articles about purchasing behavior and consumer happiness. She received ‘The Best Publication Award’ from the Korean Society of Consumer Studies in 2008. She is interested in tracking consumer trends in Korea and China as well as big data analysis for new product development and industrial application. 

Hyang Eun Lee (이향은) 

Hyang Eun Lee is an associate professor in the Dept. of Service Design Engineering, Sungshin Women’s University. She has a master’s degree in Design Management from the Central Saint Martins in London, England and a Ph.D. in Design from the Graduate School of Arts, SNU with dissertation on “A Study on the Process Model Focused on Experience: Centering on Experience of a Designer Transformed into Intuitive Insight.” Her main area of research includes UX trends and user psychology, as well as design and consumption trends. She is working at a range of government to corporates in research and developments regarding innovation. 

Jihye Choi (최지혜) 

Jihye Choi, Ph.D. in Consumer Science from DCS, SNU, works as a research fellow at CTC. She has participated in many consulting projects with Korea’s leading companies such as Samsung and LG, and gives public lectures on consumer trends. She currently teaches consumer behavior and qualitative research methodology at SNU. She contributes many articles and columns to major Korean newspapers and media.

Seoyoung Kim (김서영) 

Seoyoung Kim completed her Ph.D. course in DCS, SNU and is a founder and CEO of company named “Scandiedu.” She received a master’s degree in the study of consumption value of married and unmarried women. She coauthored Trend China in 2013 through a study of Chinese consumption trends. She is interested in the psychological structure of brain activation status, consumer psychological deviation, and consumer’s ambivalence when consumers purchase. Her main research field is the proliferation and prediction of consumer trends in Korea and China. 

Soojin Lee (이수진) 

Soojin Lee has completed BA, MA, and Ph.D. course in DCS, SNU. She has been a senior researcher at CTC since 2015. Prior to joining the center, she was a stock market reporter on Maeil Economic TV. As a contributing researcher, she is conducting a number of consulting projects with clients about consumer trend. She won the first prize in the Korean Academic Society of Financial Planning symposium. Her studies focus on consumer trends, consumption culture, and family economics. 

YouHyun Alex Suh (서유현) 

YouHyun Alex Suh graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design Textile BA(Hons) in the UK, London. She achieved an MS degree in Graduate School of Culture Technology, Korea Advanced Institute of Science(KAIST), specialized in design management and consumer behavior. She currently is senior researcher at CTC, and a Ph.D. candidate at SNU, specializing in data-driven trend analysis. 

Jeong Yun Kwon (권정윤) 

Jeong Yun Kwon is a PhD candidate in DCS, SNU and is currently a senior researcher at CTC. She academically explored the changes in consumers’ lives caused by technological change through her master thesis, “Consumer Happiness and Social Comparisons on SNS in Experiential and Material Purchases.” Her interests include rapidly changing modern society, its impact on consumer cultures, and various research methodologies to capture them. 

Dahye Han (한다혜) 

Dahye Han received a BA in the Department of Psychology, SNU and an M.A. degree in DCS, SNU. Currently, she is in the Ph.D. course work in SNU and works as a researcher in CTC. With her masters thesis, “A Study on Consumer Emotion Changes in Online Clothing Purchasing Process,” her research interests focus on consumer behavior, trend analysis, and consumption psychology. 

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